• Gwave Launches 8-channel 40GHz Multi-coax Cable Assemblies 2019/02/13
    Recently, Gwave successfully launched an new 8-channel integrated multi-coax cable assembly, working frequency up to 40Ghz. This multi-coax cable assembly is made up of 8 single GPPO(mini-smp) cable assemblies through maximum cluster design, which integrates 8 single channel cable assemblies into an 8-channel rectangular housing. On the other side of the cable assembly are 8 separate single-channel RF connectors, with a standard configuration of 2.92mm male or 2.4mm male. They also can be 2.92mm or 2.4mm female connectors or other specified types customized to the user.
  • Gwave Releases an 8-channel End Launch Multi-coax Connector Based on The GPPO(mini-smp) Interface 2019/02/19
    Gwave recently launched a based on GPPO(mini-smp) interface 8 channel multi-coax board end launch connector. The design of this connector comes from the increasing shortage of PCB board resources in recent years, needing a more intensive compact integrated connector.
  • Gwave Releases End Launch Solder-free Connectors, Using Frequency up to 40GHz 2019/02/13
    High-speed communication board design engineers used to have a trouble, A new design PCB board, expensive, difficult to design and time consuming, there may be distributed dozens of hundreds of connectors and a large number of expensive active and passive components. But it may come out of failure and whole board scrapped just because a single connector not welding well during the test process. What a pity! Even if not scrapped, sometimes the inconsistent welding or welding performance decline, will affect the final work results.
  • Gwave Releases 40/50/65GHz High-speed End Launch Connector, Caving 60% of The Cost for Users 2019/02/13
    With the rapid development of 5G and other high-speed communication technologies, the test requirements of related chips or modules are increasing rapidly. At present, RF industry has adopted the solderless connector widely, so as to avoid the scrap of expensive test board due to the failure of connector welding. For example, there is a typical industry application.
  • Gwave Launches Lowest Loss 40GHz Ultra Flexible Cable Assembly In The Industry 2019/02/19
    Gwave launches a new 40GHz cable assembly, part# UFB142A-292M292M-XXXA3(XXX represents the length of cable assembly, the unit is mm).The cable assembly is configured as follows:Connector: 2.92mm mal...