NMD Test Cable Assembly for VNA

VNA teat cable assemblies of Agilent (Keysight) are widely praised, but they are very expensive. Gwave has developed several NMD test cables for VNA to address customer pain points. Divided by the using frequency division, there are 3.5mm interface cable assemblies for 26.5GHz, 2.4mm cable assemblies for 40GHz (the 40G VNA of Keysight use 2.4mm interface as test ports), and 1.85mm cable assemblies for 67GHz. NMD is a kind of interface, with two  layers of thread .Tthe outer thread is used to guarantee the mechanical connection, and the inner one is used to ensure electrical connection. Therefore, when user shakes the VNA test cable during the test, the stability of electrical performance will not be affected.