Research & Design

Gwave's R&D team is composed by professional RF engineers with good communication skills. R&D team communicate and cooperate with customers directly, which avoids information omission, demand communication error and the waste of time. According to ISO9000 standard, all the processes from design drawings to test results are carefully documented and archived. R&D team use 2D and 3D softwares to drawing and design products, and use finite element electromagnetic simulation software to simulate the electromagnetic characteristics of connectors and cable assemblies. The parts are processed by the CNC workshop, Engineering Department staffs use the corresponding tooling to assemble the samples, and then transfer the samples to the test engineers for verification with different test instrument, including VNA, 2.5D optical detector, salt spray tester, high pressure tester, high and low temperature test box, gauge, tension meter, etc.


According customer’s requests, we can write a quick test program to make the test process going quikly,or carry out 3D model to simulate the performance and detect spatial redundant interference. We also can use TDR to locate the impedance discontinuities. And then try to optimize product performance.


The main flow chart of our r&d is as follows:

flow chart.png


Gwave has extensive proprietary knowledge in the field of high frequency connectors and cable assemblies. In 2015 alone, Gwave obtained 3 invention patents and more than 10 appearance utility model patents.

Education and Training

RF Connector is in a professional and subdivided technology field, and even if graduating students from the best universities need time to adapt to R&D jobs. Therefore, training is urgent and meaningful. Even though training takes a lot of time and effort, Gwave spends a significant time and money to cultivate and reserve human resources needed to meet changes in production, sales, and technology, keep company developing sustainability, and extend the business life cycle. We hope to strengthen the professional skills of employees through education and training so that we can work together to meet the challenges ahead.

  • Internal Trainning

    In addition to the pre-job training completed by the management, new employees are required to receive practical education/training in workshop and factory. We send graduating students to the manufacturing plant in changzhou to participate in the basic course training organized by the factory, including theoretical knowledge and rotating internship in production positions. The induction training will last no less than 15 days, so that they can know the production process to help them cooperate with different department fluently and learn the knowledge of product easily in the future. Facts have proved that no matter what kind of post you are engaged in, it is very necessary to carry out pre-service practice and training.

  • External Training

    We cooperate with academia, regularly invite experts and scholars come to our company to teach the basics of RF/ microwave, design, production and management,which enable our employees to work more effectively. For example, Gwave established a joint laboratory with the school of electronic engineering in 2015. Gwave regularly invite professors and experience  d seniors to share professional courses and lectures. In addition, we also invite external lecturers to give lectures in non-professional technical fields, such as etiquette, management and sales skills. For example, the sales director of Bremen, a well-known brand of luggage, is invited to share courses on sales from time to time.

  • Others

    In addition to the above two methods, we also encourage employees to receive training from external organizations to know work-related knowledge and improve their abilities. For example, Gwave encourages employees to participate in vocational skills courses, and implement a certain proportion of tuition reimbursement. Gwave also encourages employees to go to Europe, the United States and other developed countries for sightseeing and learning, especially to participate in industry exhibitions and other activities, there is a certain proportion of travel expenses reimbursement.

  • Talent is Gwave's best resource, so we focus on education and training.

Continuous innovation

The Young naturally have the innovation gene. Gwave is different from some traditional senile enterprises. Gwave has forward-looking vision and innovation gene both in technology and management. Through flat management and democratic internal mechanism, all Gwave employees are placed in the market-oriented survival of the fittest. Let the people with ideas, especially some young people, have a voice. We let the idea have practical support, but also allow some trial and error. We hate the rigid system of seniority and spurn all the systems that hinder people's ideological progress, let innovation is no longer a slogan.