Military & Aerospace

The high grade of connectors and cable assemblies applied to military and aerospace are manufactured according to military standard GJB system.They are more qualified in operating temperature range, resistance to corrosion, anti-salted property and shock resistance than traditional products. As we all know,the requirements of plating thickness,material, heat treatment and environment test,are much more rigorous than general product if the connectors and cable assemblies are used in military and aerospace.For instance,it is acceptable when the plating thickness is up to 0.127um for general product,however,the plating thickness must be up to ten times to meet the environment requirement in military,accordingly, the cost will increase greatly. Gwave have a series of test condition,such as temperature shock,salt spray, vibration. Especially,the design also strictly follow military operation instructions.

GJB150 environment test options(Mainly)

n  Low Pressure (Altitude) Test

n  High Temperature, Low Temperature, Temperature Shock Test

n  Wet and Waterproof Test

n  Damp Heat and Mould Test

n  Salt Spray and Dust Test

n  Explosive Atmosphere Test

n  Immersion Test

n  Vibration and Acceleration Test

n  Temperature - Humidity – Height Test

n  Wind Pressure - Ice Accumulation/Freezing Test

n  Radiation Resistance Test

Military products' development,production and test are in the control of special standard.For special project,Gwave and customers will sign a confidentiality agreement. Reliability is an important index for military products’ design and production.At present,Gwave provide below products and solution for military and aerospace:

n  High Frequency & Low Loss &Phase-Stable Cable Assembly

n  Low Loss & Semi-Rigid Cable Assembly

n  Low Loss & Semi-Flexible Cable Assembly

n  High power Cable Assembly

n  Temperature Phase-Stable Cable Assembly

n  Water-proof Cable Assembly

n  Wear-resistant & Low-loss Field Test Cable

n  Hermetically Sealed Connector

n  Water-proof Connector