Car Interconnection

Usually, There are nearly a hundred types of connectors that a car needs. Meanwhile,there are hundreds of connectors in a single model. With the increasingly high requirement in the automobile safety, environmental protection, comfortableness, intelligence and so on, the application of automobile electronic products is increasing day by day which will lead to increase in the application of automotive connectors. Although it is relatively late for Gwave to enter the field of automotive connectors and wiring harnesses,Gwave take a special perspective to enter the market.Gwave will enter the car market depending on the large technical reserve accumulated in the field of RF, microwave, especially millimeter wave frequency band connectors.For example, 24GHz and 77GHz millimeter-wave radar technology and lidar technology have been widely used in semi-automatic and fully autonomous vehicles,so it will be a tremendous technical challenge to traditional wiring harness manufacturers. Entering from this one subdivision domain,Gwave will take advantage of technical reserve and R&D capabilities to provide a full range of millimeter wave connection solutions for the automotive connection field.


n  FAKRA standard connection solution

n  24GHz millimeter-wave radar module connection solution

n  77GHz millimeter-wave radar module connection solution