2.92mm Connector

The 2.92mm connector, also known as the K connector, is one of the most common connectors applied to 40GHz. The 2.92mm connector has a same size of SMA and 3.5mm connector, and it can be mated with SMA and 3.5mm connectors, which make this connector very popular in microwave industry. Gwave has developed many types of 2.92mm connectors, such as the 2.92mm connectors for test cable, semi-rigid ,semi-flexi cable and PCB. We also have 2.92mm connector with glass-bead structure, the End Launch series of solder-free connectors, and adapters transferred 2.92mm to 2.4mm, or GPPO, GPO and so on.

Product Lines

  • 测试

  • PCB连接器

  • 电缆连接器