Design-in Service

Communication and cooperation between Gwave and customers are very frequent.At present,Gwave has served more than 1000 different customers.It is very common that customed products are made by Gwave according to customers’ drawings.However, at the beginning customers’ requirement are not clear enough,and it is gradually clear in process,so synergy is especially important.Gwave can provide Design-in service of deep customization R&D.The engineers from Gwave can communicate and cooperate face to face,And all work shall be carried out under the provisions of the confidentiality agreement.

Common Services

n  3D Modeling &Simulation

n  Full Customed Connectors

n  Reach, test and verification for End Launch PCB connectors

n  Assist customers to verify the feasibility of the project

n  3D molding of semi-rigid cable assembly

n  Signal integrity verification of End Launch PCB connectors

n  Phase matching of phase-stabilized cable assemblies

n  R&D of special connector in low temperature environment

n  R&D of stainless steel cable assembly in low temperature environment

n  R&D of non-magnetic connectors

n  Design and verification of armor sheath cable assembly

n  Development and verification of end launch multi-channel connector 

The above list is just some examples, more than 100 items of customed service can be provide by Gwave.Flexible cooperation mode and integrity of the company's professional ethics made Gwave win many loyal customers.