About Gwave

Our world has become an interconnected one, and everybody and everything are connected to the world closely. With the development of communication technology, connection technology has become crucial in various fields such as communication, navigation, satellite, military, automobile, medical treatment and Internet of Things. With the increase demand of operating frequency and device density, connections trend to integration and miniaturization. Therefore, customers have higher requirements on the connector size and precision. Gwave focuses on providing more precise and high frequency connection solutions.  "Connect the precise way." is our slogan ,which combine Gwave team's technical advantages and our judgment on the development of the industry. We are aim to make the connection prodcuts more precise, more accurate and more reliable.

  • Gwave is about connection, and pursues to making connections more precise and accurate .

  • Gwave has a young,energetic and professional techical service team on call.

  • Gwave is your superior quality partner, providing you reliable, customizable and flexible one-stop solution.

Gwave always Connect to You

  • Quality is the lifeblood of Gwave. The only way to extend the life of an company is to continuously provide customers with high quality products. Having been in the connection industry for many years, Gwave has developed a strong sense of quality, and has translated the quality control points into concrete actionable steps. Besides, Gwave has gotten ISO9001 quality system certification for many years. In addition, Gwave has kinds of test instruments and equipment . For example, there are different types of VNA covering different frequency range , and detection image instrument which repeated measurement accuracy is ±0.1 micron in size. We have test equipments for environmental test standard such as high and low temperature box, the salt fog box, temperature shock instrument, etc. QC team work with high level equipment to ensure we provide high quality and sustainable products to customer.

  • Although we are not the largest connector and cable assembly supplier in the world,nor are the most famous one in the world, we are try our best to be that. Gwave is a young and energetic team from mainland China. We have been working on it, and want to provide more flexible services and meet the customer requests better. We want to establish ourselves here and mark more points on the earth,and strive to show our influence to the industry one day.

  • Gwave's management and employees think that "One piece can also be customized", and have an open mind and flexibility to approach every business opportunity. This is the result of increasing of customization demands . In the experience of dealing with thousands of customized requirements, Gwave has cumulated set of personality requirements and quality points. Our team tend to think in terms of users, not in terms of business. For example, we may customize a product with a demand of only 1, which often consumes a large amount of research and development resources, but the commercial returns are almost negligible. Our service tenet requires us to do what customers need, and stand in the user's point of view, which will let us invest resources for customers regardless of immediate return. In addition, we realize that a large part of the future business comes from the development of pre-customization and the trust with customers.